October Musings

Here it is, October! How wonderful to have the change of seasons! The cooler, drier temperatures, the beautiful fall leaves and the golden marshes here on the Seacoast....it feels energizing and full of possibility! 

In our last two Spiritual Breakfast Club meetings, we shared some challenging summer experiences and have been grateful for the empathic and genuine support from the group. We also have had some terrific opportunities for growth in our spiritual journeys and life in general.

We have continued to work on plans for a retreat in May 2019 to share with the public our collective views, expertise, and assistance in navigating  life transitions and enhancing spiritual journeys.

In the coming months prior to the retreat, we are planning in smaller group settings, an opportunity for others to hear how our group was formed, what we have found to be supportive in our personal spiritual journeys and ultimately. to assist others in forming similar groups.

We are reaching out to libraries and other community centered facilities to offer free presentations of our work, as well as encouragement for others to share their experiences in a safe setting. Stay tuned as these meetings will be announced here and on community and library calendars soon. Hope we will see you there!