August Reflections

I am so blessed to be a part of this Spirituality Breakfast Group over the last seven years! To meet with this incredible gathering of like minded people has been such a joy. Now to envision and create a way to assist others to find ways to embrace life's ups and downs by increasing connection with others, using our creativity, and incorporating our spiritual selves is just amazing. 

We each have learned how to be supportive to each other, how real listening and being present during our interactions can be healing. Sharing our life stories, our difficult as well as uplifting moments in a supportive and nonjudgmental way has been incredible. We each have unique spiritual paths that we embrace and have revealed to each other, and have laughed, cried and shared hugs along the way!

In the coming months I and others in our group will write about our thoughts on this "sharing tab" and hope you will visit often.

Please join us in our upcoming retreat and share some of your thoughts and life stories. We will be honored to hear them.

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